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Prothonotary/ Clerk of Courts


As Prothonotary, this office is chief clerk and record keeper for civil proceedings and is responsible for:

  • Appointment of divorce masters and arbitrators
  • Certification and transmittal of all appeal cases to higher courts
  • Custodian for divorce costs, arbitration funds, Common Pleas Court funds, divorce testimony
  • Recording and filing of various legal papers
  • Signature and authorization of all writs and processes of the court
  • Action on contracts and accidental death and injury
  • Process Petitions for name change
  • Process tax liens and judgments
  • Process passport applications

This officer serves for a four-year term. The term “Prothonotary” or first notary is actually defined as keeper of the records.

Clerk of Courts

As Clerk of Courts, this office is chief clerk and record keeper for criminal proceedings and is responsible for:

  • Administers oaths and affirmations
  • Collects and transmits all fines and forfeited bonds
  • Custodian of all bail bond money
  • Custody and maintenance of records of all Common Pleas Cases: Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) cases, Summary Appeal cases, Criminal cases, Miscellaneous Dockets, Juvenile cases
  • Process Petitions for Expungement
  • Swears in all juries and witnesses


Cash, Check, or Money Order Payable To:

Clarion County Clerk of Courts
Clarion County Courthouse
421 Main Street, Suite 25
Clarion, PA 16214

(Include the docket number on the payment)
Bad check charges are to be paid by Money Order or Cash only.

Please send a self-addressed stamped envelope each time a receipt is requested.



Not all costs associated with a case are payable through the UJS Portal website. 

Note: If you are eligible for accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact us immediately so arrangements can be made.

Contact Information

Courthouse, 1st Floor Ste 25
421 Main Street
Clarion, PA 16214
Telephone: (814) 226-4000
Fax: (814) 297-7904
Direct Line: (814) 226-1119

Jeffrey Himes Ext. 2402

Kim Baumcratz - Criminal Division Ext. 2401

Cameron Bish - Juvenile & Dependency Division Ext. 2403

Dawn Radaker - Civil Division Ext. 2400

Beth Stewart - Criminal & Juvenile Division Ext. 2404

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