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Leah Smith Director of GIS P:(814) 226-4000 Ext. 2315

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Geographic Information System

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a system that combines computer software and hardware, data, methods and solutions that are used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide in governments, businesses and educational institutions.

The Clarion County GIS Office performs mapping and spatial database maintenance work for various Clarion County Departments including, but not limited to, Planning, Tax Assessment, 9-1-1, Register and Recorders, Elections, Voters Registration and Sheriff. It also provides mapping products and services to customers of different backgrounds and affiliations. An underlying department goal is to enable Clarion County Government to work more effectively and efficiently by enabling the access of various GIS derived data maintained in-house at different levels to the county departments and their corresponding clients.

Clarion County GIS Department offers GIS consulting services, database management, custom maps and training services to the County’s departments and offices. Major priorities of the GIS Department include:

  • Create, edit and maintain current and additional GIS Layers
  • Develop, manage and maintain GIS database
  • Performs GIS analysis for County Agencies and public
  • Developing custom maps
  • Facilitating GIS education and training seminars

Mapping products (digital/hardcopy) and GIS services/data are available to the public.

If you have recently constructed a new structure for business or a residence, please register your new address with 9-1-1 to ensure emergency responders can find you.

Plat Books are available for $50 at the GIS Office located in the Clarion County Courthouse and at the Treasurer's Office in the Administrative Building (330 Main Street, Clarion). Click here for a full price schedule.

GIS DISCLAIMER: Clarion County does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the information contained herein and disclaims any and all liability resulting from any error or omission in this map.

The lines and corners represented by GIS do not represent legal boundaries. Users should not rely on them for any purpose other than a low-accuracy approximation of the location of lines or corners. They are of limited precision and are simply graphic representations developed for the county’s limited purposes. By law, the legal boundaries of a parcel are a function of (1) the law, (2) evidence on the ground, and (3) the written deed description or subdivision plat. Only a registered land surveyor is trained and licensed to locate boundary lines.

Contact Information

Clarion County Courthouse
421 Main Street
Clarion, PA 16214
Telephone: (814) 226-4000
Fax: (814) 297-7997

Leah Smith, Director, Ext. 2315

Catherine Slater, GIS Specialist, Ext. 2317

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