Elections / Voter Registration

Cindy Callihan Director P:(814) 226-4000 Ext. 2006

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Elections/ Voter Registration

To inquire about this opportunity, call (814) 226-4000 Ext. 2006 or email ccallihan@co.clarion.pa.us

Public Test of Election Voting Equipment
Notice is hereby given that on April 3, 4 and 5, 2023 the Clarion County Board of Elections will test the election equipment to be used at the Municipal Primary election to be held on May 16, 2023 to ascertain that it will accurately count the votes cast for all offices.

By order of the Clarion County Board of Elections

November 2022 Absentee/Mail-In Ballots Summary by District

2022 Primary Election Official Recount Results

2022 Election Results with Write-Ins by Municipality

Clarion County Board of Elections

Edward Heasley, Chairman
Wayne R. Brosius
Theodore W Tharan

Cindy L. Callihan, Interim Director of Election


Clarion County Election Department coordinates Election and Voter Registration activities. The office provides information to candidates seeking election. Information includes Qualifications to run for office, Calendar of Events, Terms of offices, Petitions (including petition instructions), Campaign Financial Reports and instructions, and Statement of Financial interest Reports. Sample Ballots and Election results county wide and by precincts are available.

Voter Registration

Voter Registration Department is responsible for assisting individuals in the process of registering to vote. (In office, through the mail, on line, Department of Transportation and many State agencies). Street Lists (voters listed by precinct and political party) and the number of voters registered county wide and by precincts are available. 
To register online, visit VotesPA.com.

Watch a Video Explaining Mail-in Ballot Application Information

Third Party Ballot Delivery for Mail Voting Form
Accessible Voting for Citizens with a Disability
May 2022 Unofficial Election Results

Contact Information

Elections / Voter Registration
Administrative Building
330 Main Street
Clarion, PA 16214
Telephone: (814) 226-4000
Fax: (814) 226-8069
Cindy Callihan, Interim Director - Ext. 2006

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Elections12 documents

  • ​​Tax Collector Bond Application
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  • ​​Deputy Tax Collector Appointment Form
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  • 2023 Election Calendar
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  • 2023 Federal Write-In Ballot Application and Instructions
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  • Official Notice of Election for Military and Overseas Voters of Clarion County
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  • 2023 Offices to be Elected: Township/Borough
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  • 2023 Offices to be Elected: County
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  • 2023 Offices to be Elected: School Districs
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  • 2023 Campaign Finance Reporting
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  • Offices and Candidates for the 2023 Municipal Primary Election
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Voter Registration4 documents

  • Pennsylvania Voters Registration Application
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  • ​​Absentee Ballot Application
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  • Application for Mail-In Ballot
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  • Online Absentee Ballot Application
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