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Clarion County Reassessment

A reassessment is the process of performing all of the necessary Market Analysis and Valuation steps to determine accurate and equitable values for all properties within a county. The purpose of a reassessment is not to raise taxes. It is to create an equitable distribution of the tax burden.

Real estate taxes are calculated for each property, based on the Fair Market Value at a given point in time (base year). This base year value is used for assessments each year until a new base year is established by a countywide reassessment. The current base year for Clarion County assessments is 1975. This is when the last countywide reassessment was completed.

If you have questions regarding the reassessment, contact the Clarion County Reassessment Office:

Email: clarionreassessment@vgsi.com
Phone: (814) 297-7980 or (814) 297-7981

Human Services Building
214 S 7th Ave. Room 106
Clarion, PA 16214
Follow the link below for more information on Reassessment 

The Clarion County Assessment Office determines the assessed value of property used for tax purposes. Your assessed value is based on a 1975 market value, the date of the last County Reassessment. The Assessment Office does not set taxes; only establishes the property assessment. The various taxing bodies set the millage and collect their own tax. The Assessor’s Office is responsible for maintaining up-to-date records of the assessed valuation of all real estate in the county, and of the occupations of all county residents for purposes of tax assessment. The office prepares lists of the assessed valuations and occupations for all the school districts, townships, boroughs and necessary mill levies.

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