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Per Capita Taxes


Keystone Collections Group (KeystoneCollects.com) serves as the Delinquent Per Capita Tax Collector for Clarion County.

Take advantage of Keystone’s quick and easy online payment options for many taxes at KeystoneCollects.com/pay-file.

If you prefer to pay by mail, refer to Keystone’s mailing addresses.

Visit KeystoneCollects.com for answers to your frequently asked questions.

Contact Keystone Collections Group Taxpayer Services online or at (866) 539-1100.

PER CAPITA (Delinquent)
Per capita tax is a fixed amount charged annually to each adult residing within the taxing jurisdiction. Taxpayers who failed to remit payment are notified of their delinquent tax and instructed on how to remit payment.

Payments can be made at pay.keystonecollects.com

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