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Developmental Disabilities Deputy Administrator
Salary:                  $40,414.40 - $48,020.02
Location:                Clarion County, PA
Job Type:              Permanent Full-Time - 80 hours per pay
Department:           Local-Government Human Services
Worksite Address:  214 South 7th Avenue, Clarion
Contact Name:       Tim Cochran
Contact Phone:       (814) 226-4000 Ext. 2812
Contact Email:        tcochran@co.clarion.pa.us
Application:           Clarion County Job Application
Closing:                 August 12, 2020 at 4:00 PM
Three years of professional level experience in the field of mental health; and a bachelor's degree; or an equivalent combination of experience and training.
This is responsible professional work involving developmental disability program planning, program development, analysis, monitoring, and oversight. In addition, the employee monitors provider agencies to assure all appropriate training of direct care staff has been completed to ODP standards. Coordinates individuals’ services and assures compliance with all applicable policies, procedures and methods used within the Agency. Considerable initiative and independent judgment are required.
1. Supervises Waiver Coordinator and handles related personnel issues, including evaluation and discipline.
2. Performs a wide variety of functions on specified databases.
3. Ensures compliance with all applicable federal, state and local applicable regulations.
4. Acts as liaison between agencies, community and Agency in regard to programs and services necessary to meet individual needs.
5. Develops plans and resolutions to address problems/complaints of staff and/or individuals receiving services and/or acts as mediator in different situations.
6. Assesses crisis situations, acts to resolve them appropriately and advises immediate supervisor of issues and actions taken.
7. Monitors appropriateness and accuracy of services and assures that required paperwork is completed in an accurate and timely manner.
8. Assists in training of new staff.
9. Recommends services and programs to meet needs of individuals receiving services within the County.
10. Reviews logs, reports, billing and other documents to assure accuracy and compliance with required policies, procedures and regulations, including adherence to productivity standards.
11. Conducts staffings to review/resolve issues/problems/concerns.
12. Coordinates schedules, agendas, manuals and other administrative details to assure efficiency of program management.
13. Consults with other agencies regarding accessing of needed services.
14. Monitors intakes, referrals, requests for services and recommends approval of same.
15. Performs Waiver Coordinator duties as necessary when waiver coordinator is unavailable.
16. Assists the MH/DD Administrator in program planning and evaluation of the Developmental Disability services delivery systems to assure programmatic, and administrative compliance with county, state and federal regulations:
17. Is responsible for the ID/A Waivers administrative functions specified in the Administrative Entity Operating Agreement.
18. Is responsible for conducting the initial Level of Care evaluation for the ID/A Waivers and AAW and serves as Clarion County Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP).
19. Reviews SIS assessments to determine Re-Evaluation for Waiver Services
20. Through collaboration with ODP, is the primary resource to support and direct providers, as defined in the AE Operating Agreement, in matters relating to enrollment and ongoing participation in the ID/A Waivers
21. Assures ongoing compliance with applicable ODP guidelines and requirements;
                A. Completes self-assessment for Quality Assessment and Improvement monitoring annually.
                B. Coordinates and conducts Quality Assessment and Improvement monitoring for providers.
                A. Qualifies each provider in HCSIS
22. Provider Qualification in accordance with state guidelines.
23. Acts as Capacity Manager/Vacancy Manager. Provides AE management of waiver capacity and works with Regional Capacity manager/vacancy manager, including state emergency vacancy activities.
24. Acts as the OBRA lead by working with ODP on concurrence to Nursing facility and managing waiver
25. Acts as IM4Q point person – Manages HCSIS ‘draw’ of sample to be surveyed and sends sample to SCO’s reviews considerations that SCO enters and closes the loop
26. Edits and maintains the ongoing Quality Management Plan.
27. Supervises the Risk Management/Quality Assurance Coordinator; conducts quality management activities at the AE level as well as participation in regional and state quality/risk management forums as required by AE operating agreement.
28. Serves as HCSIS Administrator, creates and maintains data in HCSIS for users, provides Scopes and Roles as required to perform all aspects of HCSIS including data integrity, security, and proper adherence to the user agreements. Requests reports and collects data from HCSIS to manage the ongoing activities of the AE and their interests.
29. HCSIS roles for the Deputy Administrator will include but not be limited to:
Gathering eligibility and intake information for new intakes; assignment to SC organization
   2. Accepting or referring individuals who move out of or transfer in to the county

. Closing cases in HCSIS
   4. Managing Reserves to Encumbrance (R2E) process
   5. Preparation for pre- approval for fiscal year plans

30. Oversees Incident Manage; reviews all incidents within 24 hours of submission by providers.
31. Conducts peer reviews of Certified Investigations and assigns County investigator if required to resolve incident or continue investigative activities.
32. Closes final incidents and monitors data for quality/risk management issues.
33. Reviews, approves, and authorizes annual Individual Service Plans (ISPs) in accordance with state guidelines and mandates.
34. Coordinates the functions of the Early Intervention Program:
A. Prepares or revises EI policies and procedures
                B. Interprets state regulations and guidelines, county policies, standards, and objectives of the EI programs to staff and services providers
                C. Coordinates various EI practices to prevent duplication and to assure effective and efficient operations.
                D. Provides supervision to administrative support staff and supports for supervisory personnel associated with the EI programs.
                E. Assures adequate staff training and maintains training records.
35. Provides update on programmatic changes to all providers:
                A. Keeps informed of changes in implementation and treatment modalities in all relevant human service systems.
                B. Keeps informed of training information from all applicable regulations and Bulletins from State and Federal agencies.
                C. Holds routine provider meetings to discuss relevant issues, interpretation on policies and procedures.
36. Complies with the HIPAA privacy and security regulations that govern disclosure of protected health information and follows all procedures developed by the agency to comply with those regulations
37. Travels periodically to perform essential functions of job.
1. Attends meetings, training, in-services as required.
2. Serves on various committees or programs as requested.
3. Performs other job-related services as required.
Receives occasional instruction and supervision from the MH/DD Administrator in regard to daily work duties.
Supervises assigned staff.
1. Works indoors in adequate workspace, lighting and ventilation but with fluctuations in temperatures.
2. Works with average indoor exposure to noise, but subject to frequent disruptions and stress.
3. Normal indoor exposure to dust/dirt.
4. Works in conditions of potential outbursts or disruptive behavior of consumers.
1. Must possess ability to record, convey and present information, explain procedures and follow instructions.
2. Must be able to sit for long periods throughout the workday, with intermittent periods of standing, walking, bending, twisting, reaching and driving as necessary to carry out duties of job.
3. Dexterity requirements range from simple to coordinated movements of fingers/hands, feet/legs, and torso as necessary to carry out duties of job.
4. Sedentary work with occasional lifting/carrying of objects with a maximum weight of ten pounds.
5. Must be able to cope with the physical and mental stress of the position.
6. Must be able to physically and mentally react quickly in the event of a disturbance or physical outbreak.
7. Must be able to pay close attention to details and concentrate on work.
A master’s degree in social work, psychology, rehabilitation, activity therapies, counseling or education and 3 years’ mental health direct care experience; or a bachelor’s degree in sociology, social work, psychology, gerontology, anthropology, history, criminal justice, theology, counseling, education, or be a registered nurse, and 5 years mental health direct care experience, 2 of which shall include supervisory experience; or a bachelor’s degree in nursing and 3 years’ mental health direct care experience.
• Must work in conjunction with employer to apply for Act 34 PA State Police Criminal History, Act 151 PA Child Abuse and FBI clearances prior to employment. All clearances must reflect acceptable results.
Must not appear on Preclusion Lists as defined by “Pennsylvania’s Medical Assistance Bulletin 99-11-05 Provider Screening of Employees and Contractors for Exclusion from Participating in Federal Healthcare Programs.”
1. Must be able to speak and understand the English language in an understandable manner in order to carry out essential job duties.
2. Must possess effective communication and interpersonal skills.
3. Must possess initiative and problem-solving skills to work effectively with consumers, co-workers and others.
4. Must possess ability to function independently and have flexibility.
5. Must possess ability to maintain confidentiality in regard to client and staff information and records.
6. Must possess some technical knowledge of operating personal computers and other office equipment as necessary to carry out essential job duties.
7. Must possess ability to make independent decisions when circumstances warrant such action.
8. Must possess ability to supervise staff, delegate and monitor department work duties.
9. Must possess knowledge of department policies and procedures and ability to train others of same and enforce them in regard to department duties and responsibilities.
10. Must possess knowledge of and ability to practice effective organizational and conflict management techniques.
11. Must possess effective interpersonal skills in dealing with individuals, co-workers, agencies, therapists, physicians and other professionals.
12. Must possess knowledge of effective social service and psychological skills in carrying out work duties.
13. Must possess some knowledge of and ability to perform math functions and prepare required reports, budgets and/or statistics.
14. Must possess demonstrated knowledge of job-specific services.
15. Must be able to effectively utilize the job-specific database.
16. Must have transportation available and a willingness to travel for work-related job duties.
This position description serves as a guideline for communicating the essential functions and other information about the position to the applicant/employee. It is not intended to create a binding employment contract nor cover every detail of the position and may be changed where appropriate.
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Employer will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities and encourages both prospective employees and incumbents to discuss potential accommodations with the Employer. Revised 01/27/2020