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 Local Emergency Management Coordinators

Under Pennsylvania's Emergency Management Service Code (Title 35); each individual township, borough, and city in the state; must have a Local Emergency Management Coordinator (LEMC).
These LEMCs, after recommendations from their Township Supervisors and/or Borough Councils, are appointed by the Governor of Pennsylvania and must meet certain training requirements within one year of their appointment.
The LEMC is responsible for the emergency management planning, administration, and operations for their township or borough; subject to the direction and control of the executive officer or governing body of said township or borough.
When a disaster strikes or an emergency occurs; the LEMCs along with their elected officials, are responsible for the public safety of their residents. By maintaining an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and Notification and Resource Manual (NARM), the LEMCs are able to prepare their township or borough for almost any type of incident that may occur. If the individual township or borough is overwhelmed by any disaster or emergency; the LEMC and the local elected officials make a Disaster Declaration; then the LEMC will work hand in hand with the Clarion County Emergency Management Agency.
The following are the appointed Local Coordinators for municipalities:
​Municipality ​Local Coordinator
Ashland Township ​Jonathan Weaver
​Beaver Township Kevin Stewart
​Brady Township ​Charles Murray
​Callensburg Borough ​Kevin Stewart
​Clarion Borough ​Scott Sharrar
​Clarion Township ​Wesley Lander
​East Brady Borough ​Susan Beuchele
​Elk Township ​Kristen Henry
​Farmington Township ​David Dunn
​Foxburg Borough ​William D. Logue
​Hawthorn Borough ​Terry Beamer
​Highland Township ​Mark Hall
Knox Borough ​Kristen Henry
​Knox Township ​Bradly Ochs
​Licking Township ​Kevin Stewart
​Limestone Township ​Randy Reynolds
​Madison Township ​Charles R. Murray
​Millcreek Township ​Jackie Cooney
​Monroe Township ​Wesley Lander
​New Bethlehem Borough ​Edward Goth
​Paint Township ​Mark Hall
​Perry Township ​Jane Switzer
​Piney Township ​Ricky Lasky
​Porter Township ​Terry Beamer
​Redbank Township ​Terry Beamer
​Richland Township ​William D. Logue
​Rimersburg Borough ​Donald Hosey
​Salem Township ​Kristen Henry
​Shippenville Borough ​Dan Hartle
​Sligo Borough ​Ricky Laskey
​St. Peterburg Borough ​William D. Logue
​Strattanville Borough ​Wesley Lander
​Toby Township ​Michael Pollock
​Washington Township ​Shane Smerkar