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 Clarion County Animal Response Team

Mission Statement and Purpose:
The purpose of the Clarion County Animal Response Team (CCART) is to provide a team of trained members to support preparedness, prevention, response and recovery for emergencies affecting animals. To act as a resource for the Clarion County Department of Public Safety and the Pennsylvania State Animal Response Team (PSART) when animals are involved in emergencies. The goals of the CCART are coordinated with those of PSART and are as follows: To facilitate a prompt, effective response to any emergency affecting animals into the county of Clarion and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. To decrease the health and safety threat to humans and animals. To minimize the economic impact of emergencies affecting animals. To prevent or decrease the spread of disease and to minimize animal and human suffering during emergencies affecting animals. To educate the public on topics related to animals.
Contact Information:

Position currently vacant