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 HAP Information


HAP is a form of social housing support provided by all local authorities. HAP means that local authorities can provide housing assistance for households who qualify for social housing support, including many long-term Rent Supplement recipients. Under HAP, local authorities will make payments, subject to rent limits, on behalf of the HAP recipient directly to the landlord in respect of rent. The HAP recipient will then pay a rent contribution to the local authority. The rent contribution is a differential rent – that is, a rent set by the local authority based on income and the ability to pay.

To apply for HAP, contact Jennifer Krouse
(814) 226-4000 Ext. 1308

Use the following information when applying for HAP

What to bring to HAP appt.

  • Driver’s license/ photo ID (all adults in home)
  • SS cards (all adults and kids in home)
  • Access cards- food stamps and medical cards (whoever has them)

For help with back rent:

  • Current eviction notice
  • Landlord’s name and phone number

For Security Deposit for new place:

  • Current eviction notice (if applies)
  • Address of where you have been staying
  • New landlord’s name and phone number

For Utility Shut Off Notice:

  • Current utility bill shut off notice with account number
  • Phone number of utility company
  • Current bank statements- checking and savings (anyone in home who has accounts)

Proof of all income in home:

We calculate income on the past 30 days and past 90 days, so bring any of these that you have for the past 90 days:

  • Paystubs
  • SSI/SSD letters
  • DPW cash assistance letters
  • Food stamp letters
  • Child support proof
  • Unemployment letters
  • Workman’s comp letter
  • Pension proof
  • Any other income proof
  • What your bills are for the month (ex. Rent, electric, gas, food, etc.) for expense sheet

*Budgeting classes are a requirement of the HAP Program. Classes are one-on-one with Jennifer at the Human Services Building and will be scheduled when you are approved.


 Contact Information

  • Human Services

    Clarion County Human Services Building
    214 South 7th Avenue
    Clarion, PA 16214
    Telephone: (814) 226-6252
    Fax: (814) 226-5430
    Sandy Ion, Fiscal Officer Ext. 1328
    Jennifer Krouse, Program Specialist Ext. 1308
  • Mental Health / Developmental Disabilities / Early Intervention

    Clarion County Human Services Building
    214 South 7th Avenue
    Clarion, PA 16214
    Telephone: (814) 226-1080
    Fax: (814) 226-1085
    Nancy Jeannerat, MH/DD/EI Administrator Ext. 1353
    Mary Lutz, Administrative Officer 1 Ext. 1352
    Lindsay Deibler, DD/EI Program Specialist 2 Ext. 1350