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 Clarion County Court of Common Pleas


The Court of Common Pleas of Clarion County is a trial court of general jurisdiction. Types of cases that are heard are criminal and juvenile delinquency cases, juvenile dependency cases, civil cases involving property or money disputes, family law cases including divorce, custody and child support. Also heard are Orphan's court cases including adoptions, trusts, estates, guardianships, and termination of parental rights. Administrative hearings, zoning board hearings, appeals from motor vehicle license suspensions, appeals from the four magisterial district courts and other miscellaneous hearings are heard as well. The court calendar is set every year by Court Administration as most of the issues listed above have a specific day or days each month that hearings are held.

Courtroom Number One (the main courtroom) and the Judicial Chambers are both located on the Second Floor of the courthouse. Courtroom Number Two (a smaller courtroom) is located on the Third Floor of the Courthouse.

Court Administration

The Court Administration staff is under the direction of the President Judge, oversees the administration of the court and its various departments.

Any questions regarding scheduling of court proceedings and general court operations should be directed to the staff of the Court's Administrator's office. Court Administration staff is not permitted to give legal advice.

The Court Administration offices are located on the second floor of the Clarion County Courthouse.




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