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 Latest Board of Commissioners' Work Session Agenda



September 17, 2019 - Clarion Board of Commissioners Work Session Agenda
Notice: The following is a list of proposed actions for the next Commissioners' Meeting. This information is subject to change and/or be removed from the meeting's agenda. Please check the County Calendar for the next meeting date.

1.    Resignation from Bryan Huwar from the Board of Assessment Appeals effective 9/11/2019.
2.    Appointment of Sal Mazzocchi to the Board of Assessment Appeals effective 9/17/2019.
3.    Bid on a property in Foxburg Borough from the Repository List for $860.
4.    Designation of Kristi Amato as the Section 504 Officer per CDBG regulations.
5.    Resignation of Shanin Shick (Corrections) effective 9/12/2019.

 Latest Board of Commissioners' Meeting Agenda

September 10, 2019 - Clarion County Board of Commissioners Meeting Agenda
Notice: The following actions have been discussed and approved by the Board of Commissioners but have not been approved for the meeting's minutes. These actions will be approved for minutes during the next Board of Commissioners Meeting. Please check the County Calendar for the next meeting date.

·        Work Session on Tuesday, September 17th, 2019 at 10AM  in the conference room
·        Commissioner/Salary/Retirement Board meeting on Tuesday, September 24th, 2019 at 10 AM in the conference room
·        Bluegrass in the County Park, food, raffles, music, free admission. September 14th, lunch at 11:30am, bands from 12 - 8:30 PM.
1.   Emergency Declaration – Probation and District Court 18-3-01 Fire
2.   Proclamation proclaiming the month of September as Recovery Month.
3.   Resolution #19 of 2019 authorizing the submission of an application for funding to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) Grant in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000) to fund activities associated with the Clarion Hospital Emergency Room Renovation and Addition Project in Monroe Township, Clarion County.
4.   Ordinance 2 of 2019 approving Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement and Ordinance relating to BHARP serving as the counties in the North Central Zone’s primary contractor for the Heath Choices Behavioral Health Program.
5.   Resignation of Melinda Warnsing (911) effective 9/12/19 and Craig Beary (911) effective 9/23/2019.
6.   Request to refund Real Estate Tax for qualified resident of Toby Township for Disabled Veterans Real Estate Tax Exemption pending upon legal review of dates and dollar amounts.
7.   Awarding of a grant in the amount of $46,868.82 to Nonprofit Development Corporation from DD Funds for repairs and work to the DD House.
8.   Request to waive GIS fees for PA DEP to get updated Clarion County Tax Parcel GIS data layer, $1500 with the agreement not to sell, distribute or share information.
9.   Purchase of 5 new Transportation vehicles, all 7 passenger/1 wheelchair vans. Total Cost: $328,415.00.
10.   Corrections. Promotion of Brandon Reedy after completion of 720 hours training, per Union contract. New Salary: $13.59/hour.
11.   Human Services. Reposition of Sandy Ion into the vacant position of Interim HS Fiscal Director. Full time, exempt, 35 hours/week. Salary: $45,100. Effective Date: 9/9/2019.
12.   Central Accounting. Reposition of Rose Logue into the vacant position of Interim Director of Central Accounting. Part time, non-exempt, no more than 29 hours/week. Salary: $25.42/hour. Effective Date: 9/9/2019.
13.  Delegating authority to Rose Logue effective September 3, 2019 to approve rent, utility, payroll, and employee insurance premiums for the county general fund as well as all agency funds for which the County is responsible.

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